How important is it to maintain you’re car’s AC Evaporator

How important is it to maintain you’re car’s AC Evaporator

No matter who you are, your vehicle is a precious resource – whether it’s being used for business or personal use. In order to keep it running smoothly, it will require some maintenance and high-quality parts. This is true for the body of the car, van, truck or construction vehicle but also for the interior. While on the road, your drivers could spend anywhere from hours to days transporting goods. They may also be working on-site in sweltering heat and most people drive passenger vehicles on a daily basis. Spending a lot of time in the cabin means you’ll need temperature control and a safe system, free of harmful toxins. By this logic, it’s important to have an efficient air conditioning system which means that your evaporator maintenance is absolutely imperative.

The importance of your evaporator

The evaporator itself (also sometimes referred to as the evaporator core) is one of the two or three heat exchangers in your vehicle. You’ll normally find one in the passenger compartment, under the instrument panel. If you’re driving something bigger than a standard passenger vehicle you’d probably have another one also located near the front and another at the back. These are the parts that will help transfer cooling refrigerant throughout the cabin – removing heat and allowing for excess water to drip out from under the car.

When is maintenance necessary?

Sometimes a leak – caused by corrosion or damage – can create an “outside-in” effect breaking the flow of the refrigerant and damaging the evaporator. The best way to tell if this has happened in your vehicle is to take note of the smell. Sometimes, this effect creates quite a bad stench from debris buildup. At this point you would need repairs and maintenance. A professional can use deodorizing bio treatments and drying molecules to address the problem almost instantly. However, you can avoid it altogether by ensuring you purchase quality parts and have regular maintenance.

A damaged evaporator will need to be replaced. This is quite an intricate and time-consuming process, which is best left to the professionals. Often, this part is buried quite deeply within the system making its replacement a difficult task to work on alone, without prior experience.

Also, it helps to have professionals reuse and recycle the refrigerant they can save, otherwise it will be let off into the atmosphere. The environmentally friendly method would be to make the most of what you have, which incidentally will also save you money.

The simple answer…

You can’t compromise on the quality of your evaporator, and making repairs on it yourself is no easy task. Get professionals to handle this for you and procure the best parts available, to ensure you get a long lifespan out of this important piece of equipment. Not only will this give you a more comfortable driving experience for passengers, it’s also a good way to save money on regular replacements and to prevent further damage to your vehicle.

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