Car hoses, pipes and tubing repair

Car pipes, hoses and tubing repair

Custom bending and flaring available

Car Pipes and Hoses

Coolco also offers to clients the repair & remaking of various car & motor bike pipes & hoses.

These include but are not limited to:

Please note:

  • We do not stock or make up radiator hoses! Please contact the agents.
  • We only work with carbon steel & aluminum pipes, regrettably not stainless steel or plastic.

We manufacture all hoses onsite to spec for your convenience & generally offer a 24 hrs turn around. Please bring the sample pipe to our office. If the sample has been damaged (such as in collision), please provide all the necessary information such as total length, orientation of fittings & type of fittings needed for us to be able to remake.

Auto air conditioning repair services are a large part of Coolco’s business and we therefore work with car air conditioning fittings, flexible hoses and aluminium tubing bent, flared, welded, fittings and heat shield. If you need a custom job in bending and flaring or brake lines, we are the experts

We offer a complete range of HEL stainless steel braided Teflon brake pipes for high performance applications. This upgrade to your bike or racing cars’ braking system into a more responsive & safe system. Please contact us or bring in your lines to be upgraded.

Remember that car pipes and hoses are as important as any other component in your vehicle. Let the experts take care of all your hoses and car pipe needs.



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