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Why choose Coolco Car Air Conditioning Cape Town for your replacement needs?

  • All our work is guaranteed to RMI and Consumer Protection Act standards.
  • We offer faster turnaround times as we do all work in house.
  • We have the most up-to-date equipment catering for all car makes and models.
  • Our pricing is competitive and lower than agents offering the same services, saving you money by cutting out the middleman!
  • You can choose between new, original, generic or re-manufactured parts.
  • We are open 1/2 day Saturdays (October-March) for free assessments and aircon re-gassing.

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Car pollen filter replacement

Nowadays, most of us spent a lot of time on the road. Whether it’s sitting in early morning or late afternoon traffic, going on holiday or zipping off to meetings or fetching and dropping people during the day – you’ve probably added quite a few kilometers to the clock in a short space of time. It’s because of this that maintaining the cabin is such an important part of getting the best driving experience possible –part of which can be achieved by making sure that you replace your air conditioning’s air filter regularly. Contact us for all of your car air conditioning needs. We are based in Montague Gardens, Cape Town.

Pollen filter replacement

New vs old pollen filter replacement

Car Aircon Replacement

Car Aircon Replacement

Car Aircon Replacement

The Benefits of Air Filter Maintenance

Let’s explore the top 5 reasons to ensure that you make air filter maintenance a priority, and get the professionals to help you do it:

Pollen is the number one irritant for allergy sufferers around the world and can often lead to dry nasal passages, watery eyes and a runny nose – plus, it dirties the inside of you car. In order for your air conditioning to effectively shut out the particles of pollen incessantly trying to get it, you’ll need to have the filter clear and ready to do its job.

Exhaust gasses can filter into the car passages that your conditioning uses to cool your car. These pollutants have potentially hazardous effects on your health in both the long and short term and, in certain cases, have been linked to cancer in the respiratory system, as well as carbon monoxide poisoning in extreme circumstances. A clean and efficient filter will help prevent you from inhaling these harmful gasses. Get in touch with us for your car air conditioning needs, we are based in Montague Gardens Cape Town.

The more regularly your filters are cleaned out, the less likely you are to experience filter damage from obstructions. Proper maintenance could save you a lot of money in the long term.

If you can prove that you’ve had your air conditioner filter cleaned out and that you’ve maintained your car, you are better able to ask for a good selling price. Because new vehicles drop in value quickly, every bit helps in order to get you a fair price.

Dust particles and air pollutants are common in a world that is over-populated and traffic heavy, and bacteria is a common enemy of the average driver – easily finding its way into your vehicle. Help keep your interior clean and your cabin’s air easy to breath, by making sure you’ve had your filter seen to by the professionals.

All told you can gain better health and a cleaner driving experience from ensuring that your cabin air conditioning filters are regularly maintained.

Contact us at Coolco on 021 555 1100 for the professional touch, and we’ll help you enjoy safer, cleaner and better driving.