Car hoses, pipes and tubing manufacturing

Car hoses, pipes and tubing manufacturing

Car hoses and pipes

Car pipes and hoses may not strike the average person as exciting topics to discuss. That is until one of your car hoses or pipes ceases to function! At some stage in our lives most of us have found ourselves in the unpleasant situation of our vehicle grinding to a halt because of a hose failure. Just two weeks ago I was driving over a mountain through the city when my radiator gauge shot from normal to HOT. I realized that I could not travel one more meter in case I blew the engine. To shorten the story, the offending hose was eventually repaired. I then gave some thought to the fact that sometimes small things such as a car hose can create large inconveniences!

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Car Pipes and Hoses

Car Pipes and Hoses

Car Pipes and Hoses

Car hoses and pipes

Automotive pipes and hoses are essential for the smooth running of our every-day lives. Our job at Coolco is to manufacture high quality automotive hoses such as power steering hoses, oil cooler hoses, air conditioning and transmission cooler hoses as well as turbo feed and return hoses. We also fabricate steel brake-lines, stainless steel braided brake hoses and associated fittings.
Our expertise extends to hoses and fittings for industrial earthmoving trucks and in addition we are specialists in air conditioning hoses and specialist refrigeration.

We unfortunately do not stock or have the equipment to manufacture radiator hoses.

We specialise in the manufacture of the following automotive hoses:

  • air conditioning
  • power steering
  • oil cooler
  • turbo feed and return hoses
  • brake hose and all steel fittings.
  • Fabrication of steel brake lines, stainless steel braided brake hose (Hel brand) and all associated fittings
  • fuel injection
  • hydraulic suspension and sunroof hose and fittings

In addition to this we can also make up industrial/earth-moving/truck hydraulic hose and fittings and specialist refrigeration/air conditioning hose (reefer and marques mobile systems).

Get in touch with us today for specialised vehicle part, maintenance and repairs that you can always rely on, brought to you by highly competent experts in the field.


Our services include:

Hydraulics, hoses and fluid connectors:

You can buy hydraulic hoses or them installed by us. These will transmit and effectively hold and carry your vehicle’s hydraulic fluids, like oils and grease, under low to extremely high pressure.

Auto Hoses on site, manufactured to fit your needs:

Automotive hoses carry vapours and liquids to different parts of the car. We will customise a hose for your vehicle.

Custom jobs (bending and flaring or brake lines):

Brake flaring is done to ensure that the brake lines are leak proof. We custom make the brake lines for you at our workshop.

Car air-conditioning and aluminium piping:

We install air conditioning using aluminium piping, minimizing the risk of oxidation and physical damage.

Power steering:

We’re able to manufacture the rotary vane pump which provides the power for the steering wheel, as well as the belt and pulley.

Oil cooler pipes:

This important component is needed to keep the vehicle running smoothly. Its function is to diminish heat while the oil is carried away from moving parts into the oil pan. This low oil temperature ensures the longevity of your engine.

Heat shielding:

We fit and replace heat shields, keeping them in working order to protect the inside of your vehicle from excessive temperatures.

Braided Teflon hoses (fuel injection / turbo / brake lines):

The Teflon in these stainless steel braids are very non-reactive, flexible and non-aging making them best hoses to use for your brake lines and fuel injections. We can install these for you.

General maintenance and repairs:

Our expertise lie in customization, repairs and maintenance so we can inspect and test the subsystems of your car. We’re also happy to service or replace parts if need be.