Pro repair and maintenance tools explained

Pro repair and maintenance tools explained

At Coolco, we’ve spent years refining our ability to offer quality maintenance and repairs for business, passenger and utility vehicles, as well as their air-conditioning and heating systems. As the professionals, we’re constantly striving to make sure we have up-to-date and efficient equipment to help us do this.

So why leave it to the pros when you have the basics? The simple answer is that the basics just aren’t good enough. You’ll need a fully equipped workshop to help you stay on top of keeping your vehicles and their ventilation systems in shape.

What goes into a fully stocked workshop?
Let’s take a look at some of the equipment that goes into offering comprehensive repairs, which we use on a daily basis:

Re-gassing machines – When it comes to recharging and maintaining your car’s air conditioning system, we’ll use high and low pressure hoses and a re-gassing machine. At first this will help us to empty the gas that’s already in the hoses and will suck out any moisture or dirt in the system. Then it will inject clean gas back in. This helps your system to stay efficient and safe.

Flushing machines – A flushing machine is also sometimes known as a fluid exchanger. This equipment helps us to clean and service the transmission fluid safely.

Welding equipment – Our specialized welding equipment allows us to cut and bend parts in order to repair or remove them effectively. This is also helpful for constructing and installing certain automotive parts.

Hose crimping and bending machines – When it comes to bending stainless and carbon steel tubes effectively, it can only be done with the careful force of a specialized machine, which we have at CoolCo. This high-performance equipment is expensive but the only way to execute these repairs and modifications.

Bore scope – In order to get to intricate parts of your vehicle and ‘operate’ effectively, we’ve procured a bore scope, which is like a telescope, to help us gain visibility in hard-to-reach areas.

A mobile station – We’ve realized the value in having a mobile workstation that can come to you, should your vehicle need emergency repairs or should it be too costly or difficult to transport in its current state. We also have a full off-road kit.

Compressor bench tester – This piece of complex machinery simply helps to test the efficacy of your air conditioner’s compressor but can be costly to procure on your own and won’t be a regular fixture in your vehicle’s maintenance, so best kept in a professional workshop.

Instead of attempting to do things on your own or hiring someone who doesn’t have the necessary equipment, make use of a company that has experience operating and maintaining professional machinery. Contact us and we will help you get a high quality repair service for your vehicles and their ventilation, heating and cooling systems.


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