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Car Aircon Re-gas

As soon as the sweltering hot summer days start replacing chilly spring days we do something differently as we start up our comfortable vehicles. Instead of turning the heater on we press the car air-conditioner (AC) and hope it works. As with many convenience tools that are part of our daily lives we seldom ponder what a car aircon actually is and why it needs to be recharged or replaced from time to time.

Car Aircon Re-gassing

Car Aircon Re-gassing

Car Aircon Re-gassing

What does an air-conditioner re-gas entail?

Here at Coolco our aircon regas starts with our technicians checking your vehicles system pressures. This is done to determine if the lack of cooling is in fact due to low refrigerant (gas) or another fault, be it mechanical or electrical. Once we are confident that the vehicle does in fact need a regas we will program our fully automated services stations to begin the process.

The regas cycle starts with a system recovery where all the remaining gas is evacuated from the system. Next the system is put under vacuum to allow any excess moisture within to be boiled off. This is a crucial step as moisture causes corrosion on the internal parts of your vehicles aircon leading to premature mechanical failure. The machine will then check for any FAST leaks by checking if the system can hold vacuum. If passed it will then inject compressor oil, leak detection ultraviolet dye & a full recharge of gas into the system. Now that the system has a complete charge of gas our technicians will test the aircon system to identify and report any symptoms that may be of concern.

This initial process takes approximately 1 hour to complete and can be done while you wait. Please phone to check for availability during our summer season (October to April) to avoid disappointment.

The last step is for you to return with the vehicle after having used the now fully gassed aircon for a period of 2 to 3 weeks. This is for us to check for any SLOW leaks which is done by scanning the system for dye with our special ultraviolet light. If any leak is found a quote will be given for the work to be done. This leak detection scan can also be done while you wait in about 20 minutes.

BEWARE of those that will simply ‘top up’ the refrigerant in the A/C system by directly adding gas to the system using a bottle of refrigerant without following the procedure described above. This method is extremely risky as it typically leads to the system being over charged leading to excessive system pressures on very hot days. This coupled with the system not either being vacuumed or having oil added to the system is a major cause of premature component failure. Rather leave it to the professionals at Coolco to ensure your cars aircon is serviced correctly.


Proper Aircon Re-gassing Procedure:

1. Recovery
2. Re-cycle
3. Vacuum

4. First Stage Leak Detection
5. Add Oil
6. Add Dye

7. Add Gas to by mass according to Data Base of Machine or Sticker on vehicle.

*Failure to carry out this procedure in this order can cause premature compressor failure.